Sunday, 17th June 2018

Celebrate this Father's Day by Healing the Fatherless!

The father, a teacher, a preacher, a healer; thousands of roles he plays in our life! What if, he is not present physically or mentally to play those great many of roles. It may take away the equanimity from mind and make one feel paralysed in the absence of somebody who had been entitled to play those roles in the person's life. Father's day is almost around the corner and it actually is the reminder of all those ecstasy and happiness that we share with our father. This day is the reminiscent of all those times when our father has supported us unconditionally and showed the path that was an apt one.

But, thank God, Sky isn't actually the limit which decides how far one can go! According to a study by the US department of Health and Human Services, the poverty rate is four folds in the family headed by the female alone than the family of married couples. In the US as many as 20 million children are living without their father's physical presence. For these many huge numbers, Father's day can be a trying time. The gigantic number goes even higher when added to it all those children with emotionally absent fathers.

Celebrate this Father's Day by Healing the Fatherless!

The National Center for fathering says that being fatherless could have been categorized as an epidemic needing national emergency as in essence is the root of many social ills. Many out there even in the absence of their Father consider God as their Father guiding them all through their lives; physical presence of Father can be reinstated. Considering God as father is quite a revolutionary thing! Though, most people con consider God as a distant entity that you can appease only by doing darn sacrifice. Often he was considered as who does not like forgiving, but the consideration that God is the Father who guides us through the right path in life, has changed the mind set and brought contentment in the lives of many fatherless out there.

There is an elaborated interpretation of the prayer of the Almighty in the book of Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science. The prayer says that our parents that live above the sky are pleasant sounding, they are free from anger, impatience and violence! They are the most trustworthy parents ever and being in the shade of such parents is extremely advantageous for you are not under the trap of anger in the relationships. You are therefore beneficiaries of great harmonious parents

In that way, we can have the closest and mutually beneficial relationship with a bountiful of respect for each other. The great thing is, you don't need to prove anything to be the apple of eyes of such divine parents. No matter God as parents will be always present with us in all the circumstances, helping you out in all your endeavours. There have been tales of firm faith in God as parents which tell that nothing can make you feel abandoned, if you believe in the presence of God as your Father. And, you have all the right to do that!

There was this person Ginny Luedeman who has had the experience of this great blessing of God which needs no set criterion to be followed. She had an abusive father and when he left she was so very happy that the tyranny is all over. But, gradually she started feeling an abandoned child! It was only after she started feeling connected to God as her father, who will always be there, that she started to experience the change. With the incessant rain of love from her divine she realised that she is not a victim but a lucky one to have gotten this opportunity. She started to feel completely healed! And then wonderful things started coming to her way. One of them that she experienced was that all of no where her father called her and said that he want to abandon drinking. And, the unexpected happened so pleasantly!

No matter what, all of us are entitled to considering the divine God as our Father and heal ourselves! He is such a father who knows no boundaries in loving his children and who loves them unequivocally.