Sunday, 17th June 2018

Fatherhood: The Thread that Holds us all

Years have passed and we have not ben able to figure out the crucial role that a father plays in our lives! We open our eyes to the World and fall head over heels for our Moms and we are taught for the rest of our lives that it is the Mother who is the saviour of our dreams. In the endeavour to encourage an environment for motherhood which is quite a necessity particularly in a country like India, we forget to pay heed to the great sense of responsibility that a father starts watering his child's dreams. Why do we have to turn to the notion of forgetting the contribution of a father in our lives? There's actually a big question mark!! In the fervour of encouraging women and Motherhood we have to take care if we do not have to struggle to empower fatherhood.

It is the Father whose qualities will finally be responsible for shaping up a child's future! A child will single-handedly get acquainted with the certain traits in life by looking at and observing his father's behaviour. For instance, if the child observes its father losing his temper at every small incident, he will feel that it's an accepted behaviour. And, so, even though it does not look like, but there's a great responsibility that lies on the shoulders of a father for a healthy upbringing of the child..

Fatherhood The Thread that Holds us all

It is in the natural instinct of human beings that they have been trying to pay more and more emphasis on the role of a Mother in the child's upbringing. But when will we be able to understand that fatherhood is not really as simple as we think. Human beings are a different from other creations of God, in the way that, for animals it is the Mother who keeps their vigilant eyes on the needs of the child. Fatherhood for animals is limited just to bringing the child into the world but everything else is taken care of by the Mothers. But, humans are unique creations in this regard; it is both the mother and the father who have equal role to play in growth of the child. And, it can only be a happy and prosperous family if both the parents are equally participating.

Top get in tune with a surrounding where both the parents get their part of the appreciation and recognition, Father's day came into picture. Father's day is celebrated usually on third Sunday of June but in some countries it is also observed on different dates. Father's day 20178 will be falling on 18th of June. It is the father who teaches the lessons of discipline to their children as Mothers are generally softer and deal with their children in hushed voice. In some cases when the mother is strict, father has the onus to deal with their children leniently. And therefore, a Father is equally significant in the healthy growth of a child, for he complements the role of mothers in every situation.

There's a short anecdote which demonstrates the role of a Father in teaching the right message to his child. Children do not learn what we teach them rather they acquire the habits that they observe their parents doing. There was a father who was working in his garden, giving shape to the sweet little plants, and then suddenly he came to know that there is some urgent work and he has to leave immediately. Leaving everything, he left then and there. While, he was doing through the garden, his son was watching him. When the man left his son came down and started cutting one of the plants. Till the time his father returned home, he had finished cutting it. To the surprise of the mother, he hugged his son when he honestly replied that it is he who has cut the plant. His wife asked him, why he was not angry with the son even though he has cut his most favourite plant. To this, he replied that, if, "I would have punished him or scolded him then, a wrong message would have gone across his mind that being honest brings with itself punishments and sufferings.

This teaches us that father plays an important role in the growth of a child and we all must celebrate Father's day with the same zeal and fervour as we do on Mother's day.