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Father's Day Gift Wrapping Ideas

A beautiful and innovative Fathers Day Gift Wrapping speaks volumes about your feelings for your Daddy. And for the person who goes out of the way to see that one little smile on your face, you may like to take a little pain to wrap the gift in a special way. Here are some easy and creative Father's Day Gift Wrapping Ideas tailor made for different types and shapes of Father Day gift you have purchased for your Dad. Follow them and win laurels and appreciation from Papa.

Fathers Day Gift Wrapping Ideas On:

Fathers Day Gift Wrapping Ideas: How to Wrap Fathers Day Gift Easy instructions on how to wrap a a rectangular Father's Day Gift box. These can be applied to any size or shape of box.


  1. Gather your materials and lay them out on a flat work surface. Remember to remove the price tag from the gift before wrapping it.
  2. Place the box along the length of wrapping paper and unroll enough paper to wrap it around the box, leaving at least a 2-inch overlap. Make sure there is enough wrapping paper at each end of the box to cover the ends completely when folded over them.
  3. Use a pencil to mark where this overlap ends and cut the wrapping paper in a straight line at this point. Fold the paper or use a yardstick to guide you in cutting a straight line.
  4. Eyeball the wrapping paper at the ends of the box. Trim away any extra paper so that the remaining flaps are long enough to cover the box but short enough to fold over smoothly into flaps.
  5. Father's Day Wrapping Gifts
  6. Open the paper you've just cut and lay the box in the center of the unprinted side, top down.
  7. Bring one lengthwise edge of the wrapping paper to the center of the box and secure it with tape. Turn the opposite edge of the paper under approximately 1 inch and bring this to the center of the box as well so that it overlaps the first edge, and tape it down.
  8. Position the box so that one short end is facing you. Grasp the left and right edges of the wrapping paper and push the sides in so that top and bottom flaps are formed. Make sure the edges are pushed in as far as they will go without ripping the paper. Tape the edges to the box.
  9. Bring the upper flap down against the side of the box, making sure the flap is sharply creased at its folds. Tape the flap to the box.
  10. Bring the lower flap up against the side of the box. Crease and secure it as you did the upper flap.
  11. Repeat for the opposite end of the box.
  12. Position the package so the seamless side is facing down.
  13. Wrap a long piece of ribbon around the box lengthwise, then twist the ribbon at the lengthwise seam to wrap it around the box widthwise.
  14. Turn the box over so that the seamless side is facing up and tie the ribbon into a bow on top of the present where the ribbons cross.
  15. If you have a card, slide it under the ribbon and secure it with tape on the underside.
  16. If you have a gift tag, use the loose ends of the ribbon to secure the gift tag (if it has a hole in it), or adhere it directly to the gift (if it has adhesive on it.)

  • If your gift is not rectangular, find a box you can put it in to make it easier to wrap.
  • Check the label on any package of gift-wrapping paper to make sure there is enough paper to wrap your gift box.
  • Choose gift-wrapping paper that comes on a tube instead of precut sheets of paper that come folded into squares. The latter have deep creases, which can give your package a crumpled, untidy appearance.
  • Transparent cellophane tape, especially the non glossy kind, will give your package a tidier appearance than can be achieved with other types of tape.
Fathers Day Gift Wrapping Ideas: How to Wrap an Un-boxed Fathers Day Gift
Sometimes a gift is an oddly shaped one. It is either too small or too large for a box; or at times you just don't have the time to locate an appropriate box. To solve your problem here are some boxless alternatives to Fathers Day Gift Presentation.

  • Use a purchased gift bag to present your gift as an alternative to boxing it. Most available gift bags are made of heavy paper and are capable of holding gifts of considerable weight. They come in many sizes and often come with gift tags attached to the handles.
  • Purchase a plain brown gift bag. Use decorative stamps and paint to embellish the bag to your liking.
  • Use a fabric gift bag that you have purchased or made yourself as an alternative to paper bags. Fabric gift bags have drawstring tops and are perfect for presenting wine bottles. Look for a velvet gift bag to add a touch of elegance to your gift presentation.
  • Wrap items such as books, CDs, videotapes and cassette tapes as you would a box. Their symmetrical shapes make them easy to wrap as they are.
  • Use a Christmas stocking as your holiday gift bag. This method of gift presentation works well for one gift or for many gifts. Simply make or purchase a Christmas stocking, decorate it and place your gift or gifts inside. Give one stocking per family or one per person.
  • Place your unboxed gift or gifts in a basket and cover the contents with a piece of fabric that reflects the occasion. Tie the basket handle with coordinating ribbon, and add a bow.
  • Wrap your gift in colorful tissue paper before placing it in a paper gift bag. Then arrange more tissue paper around the gift in order to conceal the bag's contents.
  • Wrap smaller gifts in tissue paper and ribbon before placing them in a Christmas stocking or basket. Take care that fragile items presented in these ways are well -cushioned before placing them in a bag or basket with other items.
  • Cover your gift basket with a handmade or purchased tablecloth. This way, the wrapping becomes a gift as well. You can also cover your basket with an item such as a scarf or table napkin.
Fathers Day Gift Wrapping Ideas: How to Wrap an Oversized Fathers Day Gift
Here are ideas on how to creatively wrap an oversized Fathers Day present.

  1. Leave an oversized present in its brown shipping box and decorate the box with acrylic paint, decorative stamps or stencils, and some holiday plaid ribbon. Make a large bow to go on top. This works best if the box has no writing on it.
  2. Ask for an oversized refrigerator, oven or dishwasher box at an appliance store.
  3. Find a box that will fit over a large appliance. Ask the retailer for the original box or one of a similar size. Cut out one end of the box with a box cutter and gift-wrap the intact portions of the box. Position your gift in the desired spot and cover it with the wrapped box. Add ribbon and a large bow. The gift recipient will only have to lift the box in order to unwrap the gift.
  4. Use a large fabric Santa bag made especially for oversized gifts. Place the object in the bag and secure the top with the provided drawstring or other closure device. A length of cording with attached tassels works well.
  5. Embellish the gift instead of trying to conceal it. Decorate the gift with holiday ribbons and bows as its only wrappings.
  6. Wrap the gift in clear, tinted cellophane. Tie it at the top with ribbon and a bow.

  • Use a craft knife to remove any shipping labels from a box before you decorate it.
  • Make sure that the gift is supported in the box and will not move around.
  • Make your own fabric bag from print or solid holiday fabric.
  • Use a plastic (which becomes part of the gift) or paper table cloth to wrap large gifts.
Fathers Day Gift Wrapping Ideas: How to Make Fathers Day Wrapping Paper
Traditional, store-bought wrapping paper can be very lovely, but wrapping paper that you embellish yourself adds a truly special touch to any Fathers Day gift package.

  1. Use brown or white craft or butcher paper to wrap your gift. Place a sheet of craft paper onto a flat work surface. Embellish the paper using rubber or sponge decorative stamps, with a stamp pad or paint from a shallow tray. Keep stamped designs evenly spaced, and allow paint to dry thoroughly before using the paper to wrap a gift.
  2. Use decorative stamps on plain brown or white boxes. Simply decorate the box with the stamped design of your choice. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly and decorate the box with ribbon and a bow.
  3. You may draw pictures on white craft or butcher paper using crayons or colorful markers. They can use this paper to wrap their own gifts to friends and family.
  4. Recycle plain or colorful gift tissue paper and use it to wrap a gift. Decorate tissue paper with silver or gold stamped designs and tie it off with a matching metallic ribbon. Use this option for small, delicate gifts.
  5. Use stamps to decorate the plain, white tissue paper used in most shirt boxes.
  6. Use fabric to wrap your gifts instead of paper. You can find inexpensive fabric scraps in the remnant bins of most fabric stores. Try wrapping winter holiday gifts in velvet or velor. Use coordinating metallic ribbon to embellish your packages.
  7. Wrap your gift in a fabric that serves as a gift itself. For instance, use scarves, towels, cloth napkins or tablecloths instead of wrapping paper.
  • Use a brush to paint paper and boxes with freehand designs - if you have the patience and talent to do so.
  • Use gold, green and red paint to decorate your holiday wrapping paper.
  • Iron recycled tissue paper, using the lowest setting, if the paper is excessively wrinkled or creased.
  • Explore all available trimmings for your packages. Plain ribbons are nice, but don't limit yourself to those.
  • Use glue instead of tape when wrapping a package with fabric, and allow the glue to dry thoroughly. Place a weight or heavy book onto the glued areas, if possible, to hold them in place while drying.
  • Don't tape or glue fabric wrapping that is also a gift itself. You'll need to secure the wrapped package with a ribbon alone.
  • For small gifts like jewelry, use a paper doily instead of wrapping paper. This looks especially delicate when the holes in the doily reveal a velvet or nice-colored box.
  • For a heavier paper with some "feel" to it, use rolls of wallpaper with a "green leather" look, lustrous white wallpaper, or other types which would fit the occasion.