Sunday, 17th June 2018

Fathers Day Party Games

Here are some wonderful Fathers Day Party Games Ideas for children to make Fathers Day Get Together even more interesting and memorable. Idea behind these Fathers Day Party Games is to give daddy some happy and relaxed moments and make him feel closer to the family.

Fathers Day Party Games

Fathers Day Party Games Idea: Handprint/ Footprint I.D. Game
This game should be played during your Father's Day party. Place the child's hand/ foot print on a piece of paper and label the top with their name. Then cover up the name with a flap of paper and hang these on the wall. During the party you ask the father's to identify their child's print. Then reveal to everyone whose print is whose. This is harder then it sounds! Idea by Laurie

Father's Day Games
Fathers Day Party Games Idea: Say About Dad Game
This game is to be played at your Father's Day party. Ask the children what their dad does at work and record their answers on a decorated piece of paper. Place their names on the back of the paper so that they are hidden. Hang these so that the dads can flip the paper over to read the name. During your party ask the Dads to try to identify what they think their child said about them. This can be very funny because, as we all know, kids say the darnedest things! Idea by Laurie

Fathers Day Party Games Idea: Tie Matching Game
Have the dads in your class donate old ties. Cut two three inch section off of each tie (save the rest of the ties for a collage). Glue each piece of tie to a large index card or piece of cardboard. Have the children match the ties together. Idea by Daylene