Sunday, 17th June 2018

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The Festival of Father's Day is celebrated with full sincerity and humility in several countries across the world. The tradition of celebrating Fathers Day as a holiday on third Sunday of June began in US in 1910.

All thanks to the devotion and struggle of Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd and several others who supported and helped Sonora to further the cause of Father's Day Celebration. On Father's Day people thank fathers, grand fathers, uncles or any other person who love them like a father. Cards, gifts and family reunions are integral to Father's Day celebrations in India. With the help of this site, Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India (SCFI) seeks to generate greater awareness about Fathers Day as a festival in India and stress on the importance of a father in ones life. By way of this website SCFI wishes to thank all fathers for their significant contribution in raising children.

The great diversity of Indian religious beliefs is projected through the various festivals that are celebrated in India. They arise from the innate desire of man to seek diversion from humdrum activities that help in symbolizing, reflecting and enriching social life in a specific cultural setting. SCFI seeks to conserve and promote an awareness of this rich and diversified cultural treasure amongst the citizen of this country through various expositions that focus on the tradition of excellence, conversing the famous legends, rituals, mythology and philosophy of Indian Festivals and in turn facilitating an awareness of their deeper and subtler values.

SCFI On Fathers Day

In this devoted website, SCFI has delved deeply into the subject of Father's Day. History of Father's Day, struggle of people who contributed to Father's Day celebration as seen today has been written in detail. Through a number of dedicated pages SCFI has tried to reflect on the importance of fathers and a need to acknowledge their selfless service in nurturing our lives. Joys and sentiments of the festival are captured through Fathers Day songs, quotes, messages, poems, prayers, gifts, crafts, recipes and many other articles. SCFI invites its visitors to share their special relationship with their fathers by contributing message, songs and poems.

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