Sunday, 17th June 2018

Father's Day Neck Tie

Necktie is such a popular Father's Day Gift that it has unofficially become the official Father's Day Gift. Some even take necktie to be symbolic of Fathers Day due to their history of association with the festival just in the same way as flowers are associated with Mothers Day.

Every year children vie with each other to gift the most stylish tie to their dad. And gift sellers make the most of this traditional and emotional attachment of necktie with Father's Day to sell latest designs and introduce new styles in tie during the festival.

History of Father's Day Necktie

The concept of gifting neckties is new to India but in US and other Wester countries the custom of gifting neckties on Fathers Day began as early as 1920. And since then ties or as some people define, 'bright colour complicated oxygen restricting knot' became the most popular Father's Day Gift.

Over the years several other gifts have become popular as children began innovating with newer products and fathers becoming bored with the same old tie every year. But, somehow, the numero uno position of neckties gifts on Fathers Day still remains unchallenged. Some children might get several other gifts but tie will necessarily be one of them. This is so because traditional people still love to gift ties on Fathers Day and many fathers till date eagerly wait for a special new tie as a loving gift from their children.

Popularity of Silk Ties

Several types of ties are gifted but nothing can be compared to silk ties which carry their own style statement and and unmistakable sheen that exudes luxury. Silk ties are more preferred as Father's Day gift for they act as a remarkable accessory to a business suit. Besides loving children who cannot afford to gift diamonds or expensive watches find it silk ties affordable and at the same time extremely impressive.

Fathers Day Neck Tie

Tips on Buying Neckties for Dad

There are some tips to be considered while buying a necktie for dad. Most important of all is the taste of your father. It is extremely important as fashion conscious people feel that ties reflect a wearer's personality. So keep in mind the nature of your father's job and the kind of shirts or suits he wears and then accordingly select a tie.

Tips on Tie Keeping
  • As both father and children attach a lot of sentiments to neckties gifted on Father's Day here are some tips to keep ties new forever. This will help not just to preserve ties but also to keep sweet memories fresh and fragrant for a long long time.
  • Invest in a tie rack to store expensive ties.
  • Special care needs to be taken for silk ties as natural silk is a very delicate material. Hence it should normally be cleaned by professionals only.
  • Besides silk ties should be kept in check by non-invasive tie clips only as tie tacks puncture the material by design.
  • A wrinkled silk tie must be handled carefully- a hot iron can instantly ruin the material.
  • Expensive ties stained by food should be treated with an approved spot remover quickly before the stain sets.