Sunday, 17th June 2018

Father Son Relationship

Elaborating the Sweetness of Father Son Relationship!!

It’s a common notion that a father and son relationship is quite a complex one and they are less comfortable in company of each other. But the key issue is those fathers and sons who have no interests in common find it hard to connect to each other. At times it’s that they feel a sense of competition with each other. It’s also their male tendencies that keeps them apart and in spite of both of them wanting to show their love are not able to do so.

One can develop a great sense of nurturing a father-son relationship by observing their mother and those around. Even a soured father son relationship can easily be mended with the help of a certain aphorism if followed in a disciplined way. Here are a few of the ideas to work upon for bolstering the bond between father and son.

1. Know that Sons are influenced more by Fathers

It may be that we will not agree at once with the fact that a son learns most of the part of his being a father from his father and that’ s where the beauty of the father son relationship lies in. The son learns every small act of his by observing his father. Often we do not observe the fact that the son in a family gets the most influenced by his father however it is a truth.

2. Inculcate Similar Interests

Any and every relationship becomes a strong one if both the sides have something in common to share. At times for the lack of common interests it happens that both father and the son do not get enough of time to spend together and those results in their inability to explore each other. For any relationship it is apparent that the foremost aspect is of being able to know each other. And therefore, son and father must try to develop same type of interests.

3. Be Bold Enough to start off with an Energetic Play

A father should make it a point to learn things rough and active enough that their sons like during their young age. For instance wrestling in the backyard of the house will share the interest of both of you and will give more time to explore each other’s interests. A little touch in the wildness in the activities for sons is a way of exploring a strong bond.

Father Son Relationship 4. Get Involved in Few Activities Together

Take up small activities together; it may be as small as cooking in the kitchen and helping each other on the same. Or you may also take up a bigger business project together and work on it. For developing an everlasting bond begin the practice from the very young age of the son and make it a practice till you are together.

5. Listen to Each Other

Listening develops a sense of confidence in one who is being listened! Also in the times of distress it frees the person from all the resentments from life and it makes people feel light. So, its’ quite important that, father and son both should actively listen to whatever the other has to say no matter how irrelevant the talk may be.

These are a few of the ides which will help father and son in fostering a strong bond of love with each other. Be gentle with each, be lovable to each other, listen to each other and most importantly keep at bay that ugly male ego coming in between beautifying the father son relationship.