Sunday, 17th June 2018

fathers day activity

Cherish the joys of having a loving father this Father's Day by organizing funfilled activities. Choose activities which both dad and you enjoy. Or perhaps those in which your entire family can enthusiastically participate.

The idea behind celebrating Father's Day is to make a father feel loved and appreciated for all he does. And what better way to make him happy than to make him indulge in activities he loves. Here is a whole list of suggestions for Father Day Activities that might help you to present Papa a memorable Father's Day. Don't forget to capture valuable moments on a camcorder / camera / audiocassette as those will be an asset for life.

Father's Day Activities: Picnic / Camping

Plan a family picnic at dad's favorite haunt or at a place he has been planning for long. If you are old enough take charge of the responsibility of organizing the trip and save dad the headache. Be a little thoughtful and plan out everything. Takes along paraphernalia of dad's favorite games or sports and of course his most preferred dishes. Do everything that is required to gift him a day that's truly his.

Father's Day Activities: Fly Kite / Play Games with Dad

Help dad return to his carefree youth on his special day. All fathers in India share this secret passion for flying kites. If your dad is not an exception get lots of kite or better still make kites yourself. Father - child duo making kites is joyous activity in itself. Alternatively you may plan out dad's favorite sport. If he loves to play cricket or any other team game invite his friends and yours and have a friendly fight.

fathers day activity

Father's Day Activities: Learn a Skill from Dad

All fathers love to pass on skill to their offspring. And it's a heritage all children must strive to gain. So plan and turn this Father's Day to your advantage and dad's pleasure. Learn from dad activities in which he is good at or something you wish to learn from him. It could be anything from learning cycling or learning to drive a car or replace a flat tyre. Papa will always love to make his child learn from his experience.

Father's Day Activities: Cook with Dad

Cooking with dad can be an amazingly funfilled activity. Check out dad's culinary skills. He might not show but he would always have a lesson or two to teach you. Involve mama also and prepare a lavish family meal. It would be more funfilled than having a meal in an expensive restaurant.

Father's Day Activities: Organize a Get-Together

Call your dad's friends or closed family members and gift him company of people he is closed to. Prepare dad's favorite dishes, play music of his choice and organize activities he loves to indulge in.