Sunday, 17th June 2018

Single Father

None of us can deny the fact that being a single father is not less than struggling hard to catching the moon!! If you are a single dad, it's quite obvious that you will be struggling with every little task which has to be done for your child for its great and healthy growth. You may be feeling that all your mindfulness and the way of doing things adroitly have vanished somewhere and you are all baffled

Stop worrying! There's nothing that cannot be learned. Off course it has been from ages that it is the woman of the family or the mother who has taken the onus of taking up through the responsibility of bringing up the child. But forget whatever used to be there, focus on your child and ways you can give it the best bringing up ever. You can be a great single father and that's not really a myth.

It may be that you will have to face difficulties or deal with frustrating days of fulfilling the needs of the child but believe it; you are strong enough to deal with all that. You may get some inspiration from a few of the great fathers who have taken up the task of being single father so proficiently. There have been many successful stories which, is the proof that being single parent can be really a joyous task.

Here are some tips on becoming great single fathers:

1. Talk to Your Employer about Your Problems

One of the things that may meddle into you being a single father is of your work responsibilities. So, it's quite an important and the foremost task for you to maintain an optimal balance between work and the responsibilities as a single parent. Companies often have provision to handle plan their schedule as per your needs that suits to your requirement. For instance you may take permission from your employer to come to the office an hour or so earlier so that you can leave earlier to pick up your child. If you are facing problems in leaving your child alone, you ask from your employer for the option of work from home. Let your employer know that you are a single aren't and all that you are facing in making a balance between work and home.

Single Father 2. Learn to be Calm and Composed in Taxing Situation

It's not an easy task all together, managing everything on your own. Waking up early in th4e morning to send your child to the school and then working all day diligently at the work till evening and then finding courage to working out at home and spending time with your child is not simple. But, that's the art that you have to learn actually, remaining at your calmer self even in the time of taxing situations. Off course you are human being and you will need to release your emotional garbage somewhere. You can do it for yourself by speaking to your family and friends regularly so that you can share your problems; you never know from where a solution comes out to be great for you.

3. Set Everyday Goals for Yourself

Have the attitude of moving forward with courage no matter what! If you set a schedule for yourself on everyday basis you can manage things at the best and move forward towards a successful life. This also lets you child observe your way of managing things and that will allow him to have that passion of being like his father. This may include setting a short term to a long term goal like making it a point to writing a blog every week. In this way you will be able to find time for yourself and develop the sense of self-satisfaction