Sunday, 17th June 2018

Father's Day Wishes

It’s quite a true fact that there’s no relationship in the whole Universe which can be compared to that of the father-child relationship. He is someone who opens up the layers of fulfilment, desire, dreams and an extraordinary sense of looking at things with surgical precision. He kindles love, tenderness, courage, desire and many such feelings in his child’s heart. He makes it sure to be present with his child even where there isn’t any room for apathy and helps his child fight the wrenching denouement. His powerful love helps fight myriad of complexities that comes in the path towards a fulfilling life.

Often an argument has been made on if any other relationship could be as fulfilling a father’s relationship is. By his words, actions and his approach towards life teaches the way of life. Sons acquire the art of being a responsible member of the family taking care of everyone in the family while daughters learn to respect their own decision and be confident enough to fight for themselves. This extraordinary contribution of a father needs a grand celebration. As the father’s day approaches people start searching for ways to show their love to their father. We have jotted down some enchanting messages for father’s day which will make your day a celebratory moment.

Here are the father’s day messages to help you out for a massive celebration:

1. When I was a kid my father helped me to grow, when I came into my teenage my father helped me acquaint myself into the world’s affairs. Now that, I am into a life, when I have a wife and a child like I used to be, my father keeps helping me out in encouraging my child. Happy Father’s Day dad!!

2. I sometimes wonder, where does that power come to him? My father, he is a superman, he is the power bank who glorifies not only his life but his children’s life too. On father’s day I want to celebrate my life for I have a person like you in it. I want to wish a wish for you that all you wishes become true. Happy Father’s Day Dad!!

3. I am apprehensive of the fact that will I ever be able to be a person like my Father!! He is the best person I have ever been able to meet in my life. You are the one who helped me gather strength and supported me in every little situation. Thank you dad, for always being there!!

4. Dad, whenever I sit and think about you, my eyes get filled with tears, my heart gets filled with love and respect for you. How can you be so good to me? You always have loved me for what I am and helped me follow my dreams. I know this cannot repay even a little bit of your contribution in my life but still I want to say thank you for whatever you have done for me. Happy Father’s day!!

5. On this Father’s day I want to do something that will make my father feel a sense of strength the way he used to give me strength. I want to embrace all your pain; I want to make you feel happy about being what you are. This is the perfect day when I can say I love you dad for what you are. Thank you for being who you are!!

6. I don’t actually feel the need for a day t be dedicated to my fearless father. He is the lion of the family who keeps away all the negatives from my life and be a shelter like nobody could have ever been. The bond between you and me is so very strong that no one every can dare to break it out. I will love you dad till the end of my life! Happy Father’s Day!!

7. Father’s day is a time that gives me an opportunity to tell my father how much I care! It’s the period of the year which makes me feel delighted and overwhelmed with the thought of having born to a person like you. I want to thank the almighty who has blessed me with such a wonderful father and I want to say thank you to my father too for always being there. Thank you day!!

8. Father’s Day lets me remember the dedicated diligence, unending sacrifices and selfless love of my father. By doing something out-of-the-world I want to make my father feel blessed to have blessed with a child like me. This father’s day, Dad I want to say that, no one else could be in my life as important as you. Love you for what you are and what you have been.

9. I know that wishing you Father’s day will not necessarily pay for what you have done for me. But, still I want to say that at least this day gives me chance to revive our relationship and make you realise your contribution in my life. You have been a God to me dad. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Father’s Day!!

10. From the day I opened my eyes to the Universe for the first time, you made me feel protected from that very day. Now that, I am grown up I want to show you the same side of me I want to show my love to you. I will stand by you, the way you have protected me all these years. Happy Father’s day dad!!

11. Dad, I love you for your dedication that you have shown in bringing me up. You have helped me handle all those wrenching situations in life. May be, I could not have ben the best daughter/son, but I will try to take up all the responsibilities of a responsible child. Thanks day!! You have made my life the way I wanted it to be. Happy Father’s Day!!

12. You always extended a helping hand whenever I wanted. Now that I am grown up I want to extend mine for you. Nevertheless, nothing can ever repay your love but I don’t want to miss this opportunity to show my gratitude for whatever you have done for me. Thank you dad for always being there!! happy Father’s day!!