Sunday, 17th June 2018

Father's Day SMS

As the father’s day approaches the craze for father’s day SMS can be noticed among the masses. Only once, in the whole year, this great day of celebrating the diligent work of a father towards bettering their sons life, comes. People like sending Father’s Day SMS, to their fathers, on this day. The day is ones again knocking the door to enter the room and you all are excited indeed. We have specifically worked out a plan to bring for the readers some really heart-warming SMS, wishes and messages.

Third Sunday of June is usually celebrated as Father’s Day each year and this year we all will welcome this day on 18th of June. A Father is someone who works diligently to take care of the needs of the entire family and to provide them with all the luxuries of life. Father’s day is one of the best days to express your gratitude and love to your Father and a sweet father’s day SMS will serve the purpose.

You probably have been looking for them and here we are with a numbers of father’s day SM, you can send them to tell your Father how much he is important to you and how far you want to go with him.

Father’s Day SMS
  • Your love is incomparable dad!! You have always stood by me; I will never ever forget that in my lifetime in any circumstance. You are the one of the best father and the best person in the whole Universe. I am very much thankful to God that he gave me a father like you. Happy Father’s Day Dad!!
  • When I was a small little child you adorned me in your arms and held my hand whenever I wanted. Dad, I will stand like your pillar of strength when you will grow old and never leave you alone. You will always be in my hearts at the first place whatever may be the circumstances in life. Thanks for always being there Dada!! Happy Father’s Day Dad!!
  • Whatever I am today, standing proudly in front of you is all because of you. Thank you Dad for being an inspiration to me. Happy Father’s Day!!
  • Father's Day SMS
  • Dad, I want to confess to you today that, it is all because of you that I am happy today with ecstasy in my heart. You are the one who has always kept sorrow a distance away from me. You sacrificed all your little and big happiness. Had you love not been there I would not have been able to be what I wanted to be.
  • Daddy, you are my strength and my foundation of happiness. Life has been a beautiful journey with you. Your presence makes me feel a sense of being strong with a lot of energy. Happy Father’s day Daddy!!
  • Whenever, I sit down and think of the times, I have spent with you, my heart gets filled with positivity and a sense of wisdom. I never understand where that comes from. Probably, that is the reflection of whatever you have taught me. Happy Father’s Day Dad!!
  • Thank you God, for giving me a friend in the form of a Father! Not a friend could have been able to stand behind me as you have stood, daddy!! I feel lucky to have been born to you. Happy Father’s Day!

Dad, what to say, I cannot find words to express my love for you! I cannot explain how, I draw strength from your presence. It has been a great mystery. Love you dad for being my Father. Happy Father’s Day!