Sunday, 17th June 2018

Celebrating Father's day and the Infinite Power of a Father!!

The celebration of Father’s day is a significant event as it lets us give time to celebrate the efforts of a father that he puts in for taking up the responsibility of taking care of the family. He contributes to the family and therefore to the society. A child learns from his father, how to behave with the mother and therefore with other women. Besides that, Father’s day give an opportunity to the children to express their gratitude and love to their father. A sweet Father-child relationship helps in the emotional development of the child.

Father’s day is soon to knock our doors and enter the room. Many families on father’s day have a number of father figures to celebrate who have very adroitly taken care of the family and each of the members. It’s required that we focus on the unusually great qualities of a father that makes him a father.

Celebrating Father's day and the Infinite Power of a Father

On father’s day we find different ways to honour our father for whatever he has done for us. People give different kinds of gifts to their father on Father’s day to show their gratitude. Some of those gifts may include cigars, cards, whiskey or it may also include an adventurous trip for the father. These days many male also play a motivator, guide and a teacher to their child in the form of step father when the real father is not present for any reason.

In everybody’s life, father is the first male figure who inspires his children. If in case he leaves his children then the child feels neglected, feels short of emotional strength and they may also falls into the depression zone. This fact makes clear that how much support a father provides to his son. A father has many responsibilities towards his son.

Let’s throw light on some of the responsibilities of father towards his son.

  • A father must be aware on how a [person can express his feeling and is comfortable in expressing himself explicitly and in showing love. He should know how a person communicates while discussing and resolving problems satisfactorily.
  • For fathers it is important to have moral strength as the children want to see their father be strong and have fair principles in life. Children want that they can admire their father for their honesty and integrity and that they can apply those qualities in their own life in dealing with their own affairs in life.
  • A father needs to have a robust physical strength so that the children could feel proud of it. They feel blessed to have father who is physically strong enough to protect their children. They feel embarrassed if they feel that their father is not strong enough to protect their children. If the father is strong physically their children feels protected and quite confident that if there’s any problem their father will do away with it.
  • A father should have the sense of inculcating family values in the minds of their children. That can come only if the father has strong family values. He should have the sense of prioritizing spending time with his family over doing other works at regular intervals.

He should understand that respecting other people around is actually an important part of a human existence. The children see notice the way their father behave with others and will therefore behave in the similar manner.