Sunday, 17th June 2018

Father's Day Around the World

Around the world, people celebrate Fathers Day to honor dads and to express their love and affection for them. It may be noted that the date of Father's Day festival in not fixed and different countries around the world celebrate Father Day on different times of the year.

Sometimes, even the manner of Father's Day celebration differ, what is common everywhere though is the spirit of the festival. In countries across the globe people take opportunity of Father's Day to honor their dad with cards, chocolates, flowers and other gift of love. Spending time with dad and indulging in fun-filled activities is another common feature of Father's Day celebration around the world.

Another interesting factor about Father's Day celebration is that people wish “Happy Father's Day” not just to their biological father, but also grandfather, stepfather, foster father, uncle, elder brother or anyone who plays the role of a father in their lives.